Main Performance and Structural Features:

  1. Utilizes double transducer control for flexible bag length cutting, eliminating the need for the operator to adjust the unloading process, saving time and film.
  2. Features user-friendly human-machine operation with convenient and quick parameter settings.
  3. Provides self-diagnosis failure functionality with a clear failure display.
  4. Offers high sensitivity optical electric color mark tracking and digital input cut position for accurate sealing and cutting.
  5. Employs separate PID control for temperature, making it suitable for various packing materials.
  6. Stops the machine in a selected position, preventing knife sticking and film wastage.
  7. Boasts a simple driving system for reliable operation and easy maintenance.
  8. Integrates all controls through software, allowing for convenient function adjustments and upgrades.

Auto Food Feeding Packaging Machine Line Advantages:

  1. The feeding line is automatically controlled by the same system and features a speed implemented with linkage mechanisms: when the end feed material is insufficient, the front feed replenishes material quickly. The end feed is full, and the front feed slows down. When the back feed stops (packaging machine), the front feed stops.
  2. Reduces the stop frequency of the packaging machine and ensures the quality of product sealing, making it suitable for products with high requirements.

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Specification of Auto Food Feeding Packaging Machine Line

item Kl-100
Feeding speed 40-180
Product length 20-150mm
Product width 20-80mm
Product height 5-50mm
powder 5.7KW
Machine weight 1400kg
Size of machine 7500*950*1200mm
Machine noise ≤60
Voltage 220V 50HZ
Air pressure 0.5-0.7MPa

Are you in search of a dependable, efficient, and automated solution for your food packaging needs? Look no further! We proudly present the Auto Food Feeding Packaging Machine Line FL-100, an innovative, Taiwan-based creation that ensures top-notch packaging solutions for a diverse range of food products.

The Power of Automation

Automation is the name of the game with the FL-100. Featuring an automated feeding system and an automatic packaging line, the FL-100 is designed to streamline and simplify your packaging operations. The machine’s automatic feeding system reduces manual intervention, ensuring a smooth, continuous flow of products onto the packaging line. This automated process not only enhances productivity but also ensures consistency in packaging, making it an ideal choice for high-volume packaging needs.

  • Automatic Feeding: The machine comes with an automated feeding system that ensures a steady supply of products onto the packaging line.
  • Automatic Packaging Line: The FL-100 features an automatic packaging line, guaranteeing a consistent, efficient packaging process.

Flexibility and Customization

The FL-100 doesn’t just offer automation; it provides flexibility too! The machine supports customized food feeding and packing solutions, adjusting to various product sizes and shapes. Whether you’re packaging small snack packets or larger food items, the FL-100 is designed to accommodate your unique packaging requirements.

  • Customizable Feeding and Packaging: The machine supports customization, accommodating a variety of product sizes and shapes.
  • Flexibility: Whether it’s small snack packets or large food items, the FL-100 adjusts seamlessly to your specific packaging needs.

Designed for a Variety of Food Products

From solid food items to liquids, the FL-100 is your go-to solution for all types of food packaging. The machine’s line automatic feeding packaging system is tailored to handle a range of food products, ensuring they are packaged safely and efficiently.

  • Versatile: The FL-100 is designed to handle a variety of food products, from solids to liquids.
  • Safety: Ensures that all food products are packaged safely and efficiently.

Quality and Reliability

The FL-100 is a testament to quality and reliability. Made with top-grade materials and featuring superior Taiwanese craftsmanship, this machine guarantees durability and long-term performance. With the FL-100, you can rest assured that your packaging operations are in safe, reliable hands.

  • Quality: Built with top-grade materials, ensuring durability and long-term performance.
  • Reliability: Backed by superior Taiwanese craftsmanship, the FL-100 guarantees reliable operation.

Where to Find Us

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In Summary

The Auto Food Feeding Packaging Machine Line FL-100 combines automation, flexibility, and quality to deliver a superior packaging solution for all your food products. It’s time to upgrade your packaging operations with FL-100 – a machine that guarantees efficiency, consistency, and reliability. Don’t wait! Transform your packaging operations today with the FL-100.

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