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    Auto Food Feeding Packaging Machine Line FL-100

    Automated Feeding &packaging product-on line Suitable for packaging various kinds of regular objects like : Food : like Biscuits, Pies, Chocolates, Bread, Instant noodles, Cup Cakes, Energy bar, Ice cream bar,etc;Daily Appliances : Soap bar ,Sponge, Tissue etc …

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    Automatic Flow Packaging line XFL-100

    Automatic Packaging line, auto feeding  packing line machine for food  : like Biscuits , Pies , Chocolates  bar  , Bread , Instant noodles, Cup Cakes ,Energy bar ,Ice cream bar, etc.

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    Baking food Automated  Flow Wrap Machine

    Mainly suitable for satisfying the solid state of chocolate, candy, wafer, mung bean cake, etc.

    The object material is fully automatic high-speed conveying, finishing, feeding and automated packaging products.

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    Full Automatic Feeder Cookies Biscuit Packing Line Machine

    Packing waffle, sachima, nougat, swill roll, etc. some of the product is with sugar and sticky, it will match with separating device.

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The automatic food tray wrapping machine is also known as the tray wrapper, which is suitable for a wide range of food and non-food products packaging, such as fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, cheese, poultry, sushi, cooked food, ready meals, etc. In fact, with excellent durability and food hygiene, the automatic food tray wrapping machine is also capable of wrapping products without trays, like cabbages, turnips, carrots, green pepper, cucumber, apples, peaches, and more vegetables and fruits to retain their freshness and presentation. We offer a wide array of weigh-filling auto weighing filling and sealing machines for almost every production need, accuracy requirement, space constraint and budget. Automated packaging equipment – automatic quantitative packaging machine, automatic biscuit packing machine, semi automatic pouch packing machine, fully automatic packing machine, automatic bread packing machine, etc. Flow wrapper for sale – box motion flow packaging machine, flow wrap packing machine, horizontal flow wrap machine, box motion flow wrapper, flow wrapping equipment, flow wrapping machine, etc.