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The flow wrapping machine carries out the horizontal form-fill and seal (HFFS) process fully automatic for high production. FLpacking horizontal flow wrap machine has a wide range of applications, from food and baked goods to regular household items, stationery and more products.

The horizontal wrapping machine is designed for food and non-food products – the product is placed onto the flat chain conveyor of the box motion flow wrapper, where it travels horizontally to the sealing head. A heat-sealable film is then wrapped around the product, sealed and cut to create sealed and flexible packages. The whole process is automatically completed by one flow wrapping equipment during the horizontal wrapping process.

The output of the horizontal flow packing machine is a neatly fitted, flexible center seal pillow pack with a strong and consistent horizontal back seal and top or bottom vertical seals. The Pita bread packaging machine and box motion flow packaging machine can be used to seal delicate products, single-serve goods, products in trays, foods, and much more.

The automation features and versatility of the FLpacking flow wrap packing machine are worthwhile assets to most flow-packaging lines by increasing production speeds, which can create strong, uniform, professional-looking packages to reduce errors and waste. Please feel free to contact us for more details about the flow wrapper for sale!

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