3 Side Sealing Pouch Bag Packaging:


Technical features:

  • Use the imported PLC to intelligently control the various functional states of the machine. Including: arbitrarily setting the bag length, accumulating the production quantity, displaying the production quantity, setting the total output shutdown, photoelectric conversion can be turned on or off, etc. It is a new intelligent automatic packaging machine.
  • The intelligent temperature controller double-controls the horizontal and vertical sealing body temperature.
  • Intelligent photoelectric positioning, bright and dark motion conversion, strong anti-interference, continuous three-bag cursor abnormal shutdown alarm.
  • Step-less adjustment of packaging speed within the rated range, no need to stop the speed regulation.
  • The bag making precision is high. Easy to operate and maintain.

4 Side Sealing Ketchup Packaging Sample:



  • Date printer with ribbon coder
  • Conveyor
  • Hot stamping code
  • body material: stainless steel or carbon steel.


Product Name Automatic Tomato Sauce Sachet Packing Machine
Model NO. KL-60Y
Measuring Liquid Pumb
Measurement Range 1-200ml
Roll Width Max.320mm
Packing Speed 10~60bags/min
Bag Length 40~200mm
Bag Width 50~150mm
Film Thickness 0.04-0.08mm