Cutlery Packing Machine  Main performance:

  1. Touch screen, convenient adjustment.
  2. PLC controller, accurate calculation.
  3. Photoelectric detection, great precision.
  4. The length is automatic detected and set, without manual.
  5. Can be synchronous printing production date, inflatable, three-dimensional angular, wearing a hanging hole and other equipment.
  6. Trilateral closure H(pillow sealing)
  7. Material of packing film: OPP, CPP, PE, etc.

 Cutlery Packing Machine  Features:

  1. Automatic folding, cutting, feeding and packing.
  2. Fold type: Z-fold, accordion fold (4-8 planes).
  3. Wet-Tissue molding and packaging is the two independent parts, can be operated alone.
  4. Automatic dosing, automatic regulating humidity.
Model FL-250X FL-350X FL-450X
Max. film width 250mm 350mm 450mm
Max .capacity of packing(According to the material) 180 bags/min 150 bags/min 120 bags/min
Film thickness 0.03-0.06mm 0.03-0.06mm 0.03-0.06mm
Bag Length 50-200mm 90-350mm 90-350mm
Packing Width 25-100mm 30-150mm 50-180mm
Packing Height ≤35mm ≤50mm ≤90mm
Total power 2.4Kw  220v 2.5Kw  220v 2.7Kw  220v
Overall dimensions(L * W * H) 4200×600×1400mm 4200×720×1420mm 4270×820×1420mm
Total Weight 650kg 750kg 800kg

 Cutlery Packing Machine Optional Devices:

  1. 1. Code printer
  2. 2. Straw feeder/ chopsticks feeder
  3. 3. Device for punched and exhaust
  4. 4. Device for hanging hole (circular/ butterfly hole)
  5. 5.Others

·         Tissue + drinking straw + coffee stick

·         Tissue + spoon + fork + knife

·         Tissue + chopsticks + toothpick

·         Tissue + spoon + fork + knife + salt / papper

·         wet wipes + chopsticks + toothpick


The packaging machine is suitable for the automatic packaging  products such as wet tissue, wet towel, tissue, napkin, disposable knife , disposable fork, disposable spoon, toothbrush, shower cap, disposable razor and so on.

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