1. Double transducer control, flexible bag length cutting, operator needn’t to adjust the unloading working, saving time and saving films.
  2. human-machine operation, convenient and quick parameter setting.
  3. Self diagnosis failure function, clear failure display.
  4. High sensitivity optical electric color mark tracking ,digital input cut position which makes the sealing and cutting more accurate.
  5. Separate PID control to temperature, suitable for various packing materials.
  6. Stopping the machine in selected position, no sticking to the knife and no waste packing film.
  7. Simple driving system, reliable working, convenient maintenance.
  8. All the controls are achieved by software, convenient for function adjusting and upgrading.

Suitable for packaging soft , strip and unorganized objects like Disposable paper cup,Wire cleaning ball,Urine Container Cup, towels , tissues , noodles , egg rolls , sausages ,  ice-lollipop , soft candies , biscuits , fresh fruits ,small hardware ,Small pieces of plastic etc.

Are you seeking an efficient and fast solution for packing disposable paper cups and plates? The hunt ends with FLpacking’s Disposable Paper Cup Pillow Bag Packing Machine FL-450B. This super-efficient machine has been thoughtfully designed to facilitate your packaging needs while significantly enhancing your productivity.

Key Features

The FL-450B Disposable Paper Cup Packing Machine is laden with an array of remarkable features.

  • Fast and Efficient: The machine boasts high-speed operation, which means you won’t have to compromise on your productivity levels.
  • Versatility: Apart from disposable paper cups, this machine is also suitable for packaging plastic cups, thereby offering you versatility in a single piece of equipment.
  • Pillow Packing Feature: The machine comes with a unique pillow packing feature, ensuring the cups are packed securely and presentably.
  • Automatic Operation: It operates automatically, freeing your manpower for other essential tasks.
  • Single/Double Line Option: Whether you need to pack a single row or double, the FL-450B is your go-to packing machine.


This cutting-edge Disposable Paper Cup Pillow Bag Packing Machine is ideal for various applications.

  • Packaging disposable paper cups and plates
  • Packaging disposable plastic cups
  • Even suitable for coffee cup packaging

You can also consider it for wrapping applications. For more insights, refer to our collection of Packing Machines at FLpacking.

Manufactured By Trusted Suppliers

As one of the leading Paper Cup Packing Machine manufacturers & suppliers, FLpacking brings you machinery that’s designed to cater to your specific needs. Our reputation resonates with quality, efficiency, and innovation.

Our Disposable Paper Cup Counting and Packing Machine is a testament to our commitment to delivering top-notch packaging machinery to our clients.

Highly Durable

The FL-450B is not just efficient and versatile; it’s also incredibly durable. We’ve ensured that the machine stands the test of time, delivering the same level of efficiency and speed year after year.


Despite its sophisticated design and myriad features, the FL-450B is incredibly user-friendly. Whether you’re packaging disposable paper cups or plastic ones, you’ll find this machine extremely easy to operate.

Wrapping Up

In today’s fast-paced world, a machine that packages efficiently is indispensable. With FLpacking’s Disposable Paper Cup Pillow Bag Packing Machine FL-450B, you get just that and much more. Its speed, efficiency, versatility, durability, and user-friendliness make it an ideal addition to your packaging operations.

Don’t forget to check out our Automated Packaging Systems for more advanced packaging solutions.

Remember, at FLpacking, we believe in packing it right, every single time.