Packing Machine Solutions

There are so many industries that face packaging problems with economic development. FLpacking is a leading industrial packaging machinery and solutions supplier to solve these challenges. We have more than 20 years in the packaging field and can customize industrial packaging solutions and machinery for your industries. They are sugar mill, salt industry, rice mill, fertilizer industry, pasta, snacks, nuts, and tea industry.

After our deep investigation into these industries, FLpacking developed ideal industrial packaging machinery and solutions for them. It includes sugar packing machines, salt packing machines, rice packing machines, fertilizer packing machines, pasta packing machines, snacks packing machines, nuts packing machines, and tea packaging machines.

According to different industrial packaging requirements by our clients, FLpacking supplies 6 main categories of industrial packaging machines and solutions to meet these requirements. They are 1 kg packing machine (by roll-stock film), pouch packing machine (with premed pouches filler), 25kg bagging machine (by PP bag), secondary packaging machine (bag in bag baling machine), box packing machine (bag in carton packaging line), sachet packing machine (small package within 100g).

According to packaging machine function

By packaging product type

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