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  • 10-Head-Scale-Auto-Weighing-and-Packing-Machine-System-FL-720

    10 Head Scale Auto Weighing and Packing Machine System FL-720

    Suitable for many kinds of products ; such as puffed food, shrimp roll, peanut, popcorn, cornmeal, seed, sugar etc. which shape is roll, slice and granule.

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    Baking food Automated  Flow Wrap Machine

    Mainly suitable for satisfying the solid state of chocolate, candy, wafer, mung bean cake, etc.

    The object material is fully automatic high-speed conveying, finishing, feeding and automated packaging products.

  • Candy-Bar-Packing-Machine-KL-250B

    Candy Bar Packing Machine FL-250B

    FL-250B A flow-pack wrapping machine for Candysweet, confection, bonbon, nougat, Chocolate, Gummies, biscuit ,cookies bars, egg rolls.

  • Confectionery-Back-Seal-Sachet-Automatic-Packaging-Machine-Fl-250D

    Confectionery Back Seal Sachet Automatic Packaging Machine Fl-250D

    Automatic flow packing machine is a widely used packing machine.Suitable for all kinds of product packaging. Including medical supplies, vegetables and meat, baked bread, snacks and candy, daily necessities, hardware accessories, etc.

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    Dates Packing Machine FL-250B

    Dates packing machine individually packed dates packaging machine

  • Granola-Bar-Packaging-Machine-(Automatic-Feeding)-FL-100

    Granola Bar Packaging Machine (Automatic Feeding) FL-100

    FL-100 granola bar packaging machine (automatic feeding) Element bar packaging Cereal bar packaging Candy bar packaging Chocolate bar packaging protein bar packaging Peanut bar packaging Sesame snap packaging. This bag filling and sealing machine is full automatic feeding and packaging,Save labor, low cost, high effective, clean, reduce  hand pollution, easy operation!

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    Individual Cookie Packaging Machine FL-320B

    Individual cookie packaging machine suitable for packing biscuit, sweets, cookies, candy bars ,bakery product etc.

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    Plasticine / Play Dough Packing Machine FL-250X

    We have a strong and good professional team of engineers on researching, developing, manufacturing, and installing entire project. We also provide professional technique and follow-up service to avoid and solve the problem encountered by clients, making sure clients operate machine comfortable.

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    Popsicle bar Packing machine FL-250B

    Popsicle  also name ice lolly, icicle, ice-sucker, it is a piece of flavored ice or ice cream on a stick. It normally pack with a opp film and popular food in the summer, any where you can buy in the market . 

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    Up Paper Rotary Horizontal Flow packing machine FL-680

    Horizontal Flow Wrap Machine suitable for packing various kinds of large size regular objects into pillow bag or gusseted bag, like Food, Vegetables and Fruits, Hardwares.

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FLpacking specializes in providing automated packaging systems, horizontal packaging machines, vertical packaging machines, and automatic shrink packing machines for our customers in more than 30 countries around the world.

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When you’re in the confectionery industry, efficiency in packaging can significantly impact your business’s profitability and productivity. That’s where FLpacking comes in. As a leading manufacturer of candy packing machines, FLpacking offers cutting-edge solutions designed to streamline your packaging process.

Unmatched Speed and Efficiency

One of the most striking features of a FLpacking candy packing machine is its impressive speed. With the capacity to package up to 60 candies per minute, these machines considerably increase your production rate, allowing you to keep up with demand and maximize your profits. The precise weight control system ensures each package contains the exact amount of candy, thereby reducing waste and lowering costs.

Versatility at Its Best

Beyond their speed and efficiency, FLpacking candy packing machines are known for their versatility. These machines can handle a diverse range of candy shapes and sizes, from gummy bears to lollipops, and even hard candies. Whether you’re packaging candies for retail sale or food processing, these machines will get the job done swiftly and efficiently.

User-Friendly and Durable

Ease of use and durability are other key benefits of FLpacking candy packing machines. With a user-friendly interface and intuitive controls, minimal training is needed for your staff to operate these machines. Their durable design promises years of reliable performance.

Tailored to Your Budget

FLpacking candy packing machines are priced to suit different budgets and needs. For small businesses and startups, there are affordable entry-level machines starting around $10,000. For larger operations, advanced high-end machines with sophisticated features can cost upwards of $30,000.


In short, if you’re in the confectionery industry and looking to enhance your packaging process, FLpacking has the ideal candy packing machine for you. Their machines’ speed, efficiency, versatility, and ease of use make them a worthy investment for businesses of all sizes. Whether you want to increase production, reduce costs, or simply streamline your packaging operation, FLpacking has the solution you need.