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  • 10-Head-Scale-Auto-Weighing-and-Packing-Machine-System-FL-720

    10 Head Scale Auto Weighing and Packing Machine System FL-720

    Suitable for many kinds of products ; such as puffed food, shrimp roll, peanut, popcorn, cornmeal, seed, sugar etc. which shape is roll, slice and granule.

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    60- 125ml Plastic Urine Container Wrapping Machine FL-350D

    This is Machine Is Called Urine Cup Packing Machine. Also Called Urine Container Pouch Packing Machine.

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    Auto Food Feeding Packaging Machine Line FL-100

    Automated Feeding &packaging product-on line Suitable for packaging various kinds of regular objects like : Food : like Biscuits, Pies, Chocolates, Bread, Instant noodles, Cup Cakes, Energy bar, Ice cream bar,etc;Daily Appliances : Soap bar ,Sponge, Tissue etc …

  • Automatic-KN95-Mask-Wrapping-Machine-FL-320D

    Automatic KN95 Mask Wrapping Machine FL-320D

    Mask packaging machine is an automatic packaging machine specially used for packaging N95 masks, KN95 masks, non-woven masks, suitable for automatic packaging of single-piece N95 masks or multi-piece N95 masks, 40-100 packs per minute, fast packaging speed, efficiency High, easy to operate, multi-purpose.

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    Automatic Long Tube Pipe Bag Flow Wrapping Machine FL-350XB

    Automatic pipe wrapping machine, bagging machine for long tube, long pipe, pvc tube, stainless steel bar pipe, aluminum pipe .

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    Automatic Tissue Paper Packaging Machine FL-450TS

    Automatic tissue paper packaging machine, FLpacking tissue paper packing machine very hot sale in recent years. Because the packaging machine can pack 100 bags in one minute, and there is no need to manually help. FLpacking offers tissue paper packaging machines, paper napkin packing machines, automatic tissue paper packing machines, tissue packing machines, and more.

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    Baking food Automated  Flow Wrap Machine

    Mainly suitable for satisfying the solid state of chocolate, candy, wafer, mung bean cake, etc.

    The object material is fully automatic high-speed conveying, finishing, feeding and automated packaging products.

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    Billet Briquette Charcoal Flow Packaging Machine FL-320

    Horizontal briquette charcoal  packing machine for single pcs(individual packaging) FLpacking offers horizontal wrapping machines and charcoal packing machines for packaging charcoal, briquette, paper film charcoal briquette, billet, etc.

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    Blood Collection Tubes Packing Machine FL-250XB

    FL-250B Flow Wrap Machine Flow Wrapping for pet blood collection tube , Blood Collection Tubes Packing Machine

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    Box Motion Reciprocating Packaging Machinery FL-350W

    This box motion speed not high as the rotary flow wrap machine, but it pack more higher product  with  pallet, or  somth regular like bread ,biscuit, noodle, boxes, mushroom with pallet, and the gusset-insert will be much beautiful.

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    Cake Wrapping Machine FL-350

    Cake wrapping machine, cake packing machine, cake packaging machine, moon cake wrapping machine, Vietnamese kung bean cake wrapping machine, cup cake packaging machine

  • Confectionery-Back-Seal-Sachet-Automatic-Packaging-Machine-Fl-250D

    Confectionery Back Seal Sachet Automatic Packaging Machine Fl-250D

    Automatic flow packing machine is a widely used packing machine.Suitable for all kinds of product packaging. Including medical supplies, vegetables and meat, baked bread, snacks and candy, daily necessities, hardware accessories, etc.

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Stick packs fulfill the desire of today’s consumer for convenient, single-serve, on-the-go packaging. From drink mixes to legal cannabis products to pharmaceutical powders, FLpacking’s stick pack machines can quickly and reliably package it all. With available changeover kits, multiple stick sizes can be easily packaged on a single stick pack machine.

FLpacking offers stick pack machinery for all levels of production demand, from our entry level 2-lane stick pack machine all the way up to a 20 lane ST1200 machine, able to package up to 1,600 stick packs per minute!

With available options like tear notches, various seal patterns and shapes, static elimination, embossing, and more, a stick pack machine can meet your exact specifications. Also available with IQ/OQ construction, our stick pack machines are a great solution for pharmaceutical packaging.

FLpacking offers stick pack machines for all levels of production demand, from entry level 2-lane stick pack machines to a 10 lane high speed, high quality and highly reliable machines! Stick packs are becoming more popular every day  from drink mixes to nutritional powders and everything in between, and our stick pack machines can quickly and reliably package it.

FLpacking can include a variety of printing solutions to print on every pack, including fast drying HP style cartridge printers from Inc.Jet for high speed multi-head print technology.

When it comes to stick packaging machines, stick to the best with FLpacking!