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  • 10-Head-Scale-Auto-Weighing-and-Packing-Machine-System-FL-720

    10 Head Scale Auto Weighing and Packing Machine System FL-720

    Suitable for many kinds of products ; such as puffed food, shrimp roll, peanut, popcorn, cornmeal, seed, sugar etc. which shape is roll, slice and granule.

  • 4-Side-Sealing-Sachet-Bag-Packaging-Machine-FL-60-80Y-Front

    4 Side Sealing Sachet Bag Packaging Machine FL-60/80Y

    Suitable For 4 Side Sealing Packing All Kinds Of Grain Material, Which Such As Sugar Salt Small Biscuits, Popcorn, Seeds, Beans, Peanuts, Cashew Nut, Sugar And Salt, Millet, Rice, Pill, Peas, Lentil, Moong Dal, Soybean, Wheat, Sesame, Pumpkin Seeds, Hazelnut, Etc.

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    Automatic Tomato Sauce Sachet Packing Machine FL-60Y

    Automatic Ketchup /Tomato Sauce /tomato paste Sachet Packing Machine ,3side sealing or 4 side sealing

  • Baby-Flour-Packing-Machine-FL-420

    Baby Flour Packing Machine FL-420

    FL-420 detergent powder packing machine (soap powder packaging)

  • Rusk-Packing-Machine-FL-420

    Rusk Packing Machine FL-420

    Suitable for packing fragile bulk material with irregular shapes and requiring high measuring accuracy, such as :puffed food, shrimp strip, potato chips, banana chips, apple flakes, crispy rice, biscuit, peanut, cooked seeds, sweets etc.

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    Small Milk Powder Pouch Packing Machine

    Powder packing machine is widely used in is widely used to pack powder materials, milk powder, milk tea powder, coffee powder, spices, curry powder, protein powder, condiment, herbal powder, washing powder, soap powder and other chemical and medical powders.

  • Spice-Powder-Packing-Machine-FL-350V

    Spice Powder Packing Machine FL-350V

    Spice Powder Packing Machines mainly used for automatic packaging of smaller viscosity powdery material in food, medicine, chemical, agriculture.For example: milk powder, soy milk powder, protein powder, sesame powder, five-spice powder, glucose powder, cereal, starch and so on.

  • Sugar-Pouch-Packing-Machine-FL-60K

    Sugar Pouch Packing Machine FL-60K

    Sugar packing machine sugar pouch packing machine sugar sachet bag packaging machine, sugar bagging machine sugar packet packing machine, sugar pouch packing machine, brown sugar packing machine, sugar stick  pouch packaging machine, vertical sugar packing machine south Africa. Automatic cup volume small type packing machine for sugar,5gram sugar packaging machine ,vertical form fill sealing machine for sugar!

  • Vertical-Automatic-Grain-Packaging-Machine-FL-160A

    Vertical Automatic Grain Packaging Machine FL-160A

    Almond packaging equipment, food grains packing machines, and grain packing machine for cashew nuts, almonds, brazil nuts, peanuts, chestnuts, bulk nuts, hazelnuts, pistachio nuts, walnuts, sunflowers, cacao etc.

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