Granule Packaging Machine

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The granule packing machine is designed for packing granular materials with good fluidity, like rice, millet, crops, washing powder, peanuts, candy, popcorn, coffee, oral, white sugar, seeds, medicine, seasoning, etc. All kinds of grain material, sheet material, strip material, and abnormity materials – candy, melon seeds, chips, peanut, nuts, preserved fruit, jelly, biscuit, confect, currant, almond, popcorn, pet foodstuff, dilatant foodstuff, hardware, and plastic can be weighed by the ration.

The food grains packing machine from FLpacking has various specifications and features which can meet different packaging needs in many industries. Our product range includes the pasta packaging machine, soya chunks packing machine, beans packing machine, potato chips packing machine, packaging machine for spices, chips packing machine, nuts packaging machine, almond packaging equipment, popcorn packing machine, and more bag filling and sealing machines.

All continuous packing machines are available in FLpacking. Welcome to contact us for further information!

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