Liquid Pouch Packing Machine

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The liquid packing machine from FLpacking is very suitable for packaging many fluids, no matter high or low-viscosity liquids. Therefore, the full automatic liquid filling machine equipped with piston filler as the dosing system is widely used in paste, detergent, softener, shampoo, shower gel, milk, water, juice, soybean sauce, oil, ketchup, mayonnaise and so on.

The liquid filling machine can fill sachets with thick liquids at high speed without sacrificing precision and efficiency. The sachet water sealing machine combines continuous film motion with an intermittent sealing process and seals packets on all four sides, preserving the integrity of the product. Our sauce packaging machine is the best option to assist in carrying out this tedious process in a convenient way.

Our honey packaging machine delivers fast changeovers and high-quality seals at high speed to ensure that products are ready for shipping and distribution. FLpacking liquid packing machine has a small footprint, which is easy to clean and intuitive operation – touch screen controls and can fill and seal a variety of liquid products perfectly.

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