Powder Packing Machine

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The powder packing machine is a fully automatic powder filling and sealing machine. As the name suggests, powder sachet packages are automatically packaged without human interference from raw powder products to end.

The fully automatic powder packing machine is mainly used for small powder packaging. The dosing amount generally varies from 1 gram to 100 grams, which is decided by the power density. Furthermore, for one powder quantitative filling machine, it can fill several dosing amounts based on settings. Therefore, the powder sachet filling machine might need an additional screw meter if the dosing volume has a big gap.

FLpacking offers various high-performance washing powder packing machines at an affordable detergent powder packing machine price for various powder packaging needs. And we also offer the washing powder packaging machine, cocoa powder packing machine, detergent powder packing machine, chills powder packing machine, low cost powder filling machine, and so on for many industrial applications.

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